Miyabi 5000 MCDB Gyuto Chef Knife 9.5

C$ 355.95
SKU: i34373-241

A must-have tool for both professional and hobby chefs, also called a cook's knife, this  versatile kitchen knife from Miyabi is available in various lengths of 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches. 

A beautiful Masur Birchwood handle leads into 101 layers of steel, precision ground to expose an exquisite flower Damask pattern and a cutting core of ultra-hard Micro-Carbide MC63 powdered steel. This lightweight tool offers effortless cutting of all the natural produce with full precision without stressing your arms. Have a look on the knife features:

  • CRYODUR® vacuum tempered blades
  • Three-step Honbazuke honing process
  • Micro-Carbide MC63 powdered steel core
  • 100 layers of stainless steel (50 layers per side) wrap the blade core and are polished to reveal a one-of-a-kind flower Damascus pattern
  • Traditional Japanese D-shape Birchwood handle enhanced with a mosaic pin and a metal end cap featuring the MIYABI logo
  • All MIYABI products are fully guaranteed against defects in material and /or craftsmanship

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 9.5" / 240 mm
  • 63° Rockwell Hardness
  • Edge Angle: 9.5-12° per side
  • Material Used: Stainless Steel

Tips for Use:

  • To protect your knife investment, store on a magnetic bar, in-drawer rack or knife block.
  • Avoid hard frozen foods or shellfish and twisting the knife when cutting as this may damage the edge.
  • Select the proper knife for each task.
  • Hone regularly with a honing steel to maintain a keen edge.
  • Always cut on a board of wood, bamboo or soft plastic to prevent premature dulling of your knives.
  • Hand-wash with dish soap and water, thoroughly hand-dry.

Packaging Information:

The Miyabi 5000 MCDB Gyuto Chef Knife is neatly packed and shipped in a corrugated box.

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