MIYABI 600D MORI SHOTOH / PAR 3.5" 34312-091

C$ 180.00
SKU: i34312-091

Miyabi Japanese knives know the essence and the rules of kitchen with par perfection. The nerves of oriental and continental kitchens lie in the food preparations which are very well understood by Miyabi. This collection of knives from the series 600D are designed for delightful and enthralling experiences to the chefs across the global kitchens. This Shotoh or small knife with pointed tip and blade measuring 3½ inches is exclusively designed as an essential ultra small sized chef’s knife, perfect for cleaning and peeling fruits and vegetables. The pointed tip and sharp edge is a plus for neat peeling and cutting, making it a must have utility knife for all chefs. The right angled blade to the handle makes it extremely safe and neat to use.

The main features of the product are:

  • Perfect chef’s mate knife for cleaning and peeling fruits and vegetables which are small in size and needs
  • Pointed tip and ultra small sized blade measuring 3½ inches is ideal for all kitchens and small handed cooks
  • Razor sharp CRYODUR® blade of CMV60 steel embedded in 64 layers of stainless steel, ice hardened at -196°C for exceptionally hard blade
  • Thin, stable, symmetrical blade with 19 degrees angle at cutting edge and ultra-sharp Honbazuke honing
  • Impressively built & balanced, western looking three-rivet handle of corrosion-resistant, colour-fast Duracon material, with red accentuating line enduring a hi-tech look
  • Strong handle ensures perfect grip & control, and reduces forearm fatigue
  • Limited lifetime warranty, subjected to care norms
  • Made in Seki, Japan

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: Blade measures 90 mm / 3½ inches
  • Material Used: CMV 60 steel blade embedded in multiple layers of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant, colour-fast Duracon handle

Tips for Use:

  • Hand-wash recommended with non-acidic dish washing soap for protecting the sharpness of the edges
  • Immediate rinsing and drying with absorbent towel is required after use to prevent edge sharpness, store neatly at a safe place
  • Professional MIYABI Toishi Pro grindstone recommended for sharpening & honing the steel blade

Packaging Information:

  • Blade is covered finely in a black case with knife in place.

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